Milkchoco – Guide to Gameplay and Features to Progress the Game

Milkchoco is a popular mobile game that is available on both Android and iOS devices. After getting so many rewards, the game is still getting so much popularity. The developers of the game are making the proper game up-gradation. There are so many players in the world who play, and there are so many events band features to play. There are so many rewards and costumes in the game that can be unlocked by the Milkchoco hack easily.


It’s a shooting action game where players can do lots of action, and there is no doubt that action is full packed in it. The main thing in the game is that players have to shoot the enemies in the match. To fight between Milk and Choco is so epic, and this is the only thing that is very important in the game. There are so many modes to play, and also so many weapons to use in the game.

In the beginning of the game, it will be difficult to understand what to do, but as to player reaches at some higher level than it will be easy to understand and detect the enemies also. Aiming and shooting at the accurate level on the enemy location can lead you to get one kill. There are so many amazing events and modes available in the game, and every mode is unique and interesting.

Features to progress

  • Play 5 vs. 5 matches
  • But new costumes
  • Play battle royal mode of 100 players
  • Various heroes to play

All of these features are so amazing, and it can’t be explained in words because they all are so amazing while playing. Millions of players play, and with the Milkchoco hack, you can unlock many unique costumes for the match.