Conquer Rivals by Following 3 Amazing Tips in Dragon City

Online video gaming is part of our life, and we are spending free time on it. Today one of the top trending games is the Dragon City. The game is based on simulation, and it is built by the Social Point. It is suitable for android, IOS, and web browser. In the gameplay, we will see 1000 breed of dragons, and we can grow in the city by expanding numbers of them. One town is located in the game, and you have to be master in it before any task. Lots of challenging tasks are available for going forward in it, and the players can also get several kinds of goodies like currencies, rewards. Currency collections are struggling part for many users, and for them, the Dragon city cheats are handy ways. It is a safe tool for grabbing a high amount of gems. In this article, we are providing some tips for growing in the game.

Understand the basic behind it 

The players have to know about what are the basic functions and controls. We can lead in the gameplay by mastering in navigations. The controls of the game are familiar with the users, and we can also change default settings of them.

Explore for food 

Energy requires for killing rivals in the battles so your dragon must of strong for it. Enough amount of food is the best for it. The players have various options in land for collecting the food. We should grab the gold for purchasing new things.

Transform the dragons

To take the next step in the game, you need to upgrade your dragons. The user can add new things for enhancing the powers of dragons. Many players prefer some quick tools for adding free currency, and the Dragon city cheats is one of them.  

How to Get Gems in Dragon City?

If you are an action lover player, then we damn sure you like Dragon City game after using it. In this game, dragons and weapons are playing a crucial role to win the battles. Gamers can create a powerful dragon according to their preference and give good appearance with fashionable outfits that help them to defeat their enemies.

Furthermore, you can play this game on two platforms such as Android and iOS devices because it runs for long hours or even without facing any issue. Gamers also need to gather the resources as much as possible because it can be used in every useful aspect. If you want to generate gold and gems as much as you want without spending a single cent, then you can use how to hack dragon city.

Everything to know about Gems!

There are lots of ways to obtain gems, but some are very challenging task among them. Here are a few methods in which you can gather it.

·         Participate in the Dragon League Tournament is the best way to obtain gems in a reasonable amount. As soon as your dragons win the battles, then you can easily earn it. Once you win the tourney, you will be awarded 2 gems and some gold.

·         Gamers must need to complete daily challenges in order to get almost 45 gems. One thing you should keep in mind that never forget to skip daily bonus otherwise you may lose the opportunity to get gems.

·         Beginning Level up also gives you 1 gem, but as you reaches higher levels, and then you can earn it in a good amount. Eventually, with the help of how to hack dragon city, gamers can get every type of resources such as powerful weapons and food in a good amount without wasting time.

Mobile Legends- Failures Make Your Gameplay Better Only If You Understand These Some Things


Mobile Legends is one of the top multiplayer online battle arena genre games, which is stylishly published by the Moonton.  In this game, players have to commence battle in order to defend the bases along with eliminating the opponent’s base.  This game is available for both iOS as well as Android platforms.  So, players can easily access the game app from their on-device app store.  There are numerous sorts of exciting as well as innovative features offered to the gamers in order to get entertained by using them. 

Furthermore, elements are available in the form of currency, modes, and other sorts of things.  If you haven’t of this yet, then check it out now and overcome your boredom with ease. The in-game resources are presented as battle points and diamonds, which users need for survival.  However, there are a number of players who find it hard to attain these currencies in the game. That’s results them facing lots of complications and end up losing everything.  So, if you are interested to get rid of these mistakes, then read the given below to gain success without making any sorts of efforts.

•    As we know, the battle points are the main or primary currency of the game.  It can be used to purchase most of the in-game items.

•    You can easily obtain the battle points by performing better in the game.  So, give your best shot and defeat the opponent to earn an enormous amount of resources conveniently.

•    Diamonds are the premium resources in the game. It supports the players to buy the special stuff i.e. heroes and avatar’s skin. 

•    Skin is the source, which helps the gamers to unwind the special moves or powers with the tons of upgrades.

•    The time trial is one of the trending modes, which users love to play the most.  Generally, in this mode, gamers have to fight and have to defeat the enemies.  Kill the opponents as many as you can and earn an enormous amount of resources.

•    Try not to use the real money or with Mobile Legends Hack 2020 in the game.  You might be familiar with this feature, which is offered for the users who find it hard to attain in-game resources.

•    According to some devoted players, due to changing the environment in the game as well as the addition of new elements. It would be worthless to allocate the hard earned money.  So, the better option is to follow the normal guidelines in order to reach the next level.

•    Fight back with your full force and give your hundred percent to become the ultimate player from all over the world.

Final Words

Mobile Legends is the better option for the gamers who don’t have any source for entertainment.  However, if you face any sorts of problems, then read the above-mentioned tricks to use the mistakes for benefits.  Utilize them appropriately and gain success without making too many efforts.

Tips and tricks to set up your team in PES 2018

Tips and tricks to set up your team in PES 2018

Setting up a team in football games is too hard and it takes a lot of time. Konami PES 18 is one of these time-consuming games where you can’t make a random team out of a scratch. You’ve to work on your team in order to be the best player all around the world. There are many ways that can help you build up this team.  Here below are some tips and tricks that can help you set up a great team out of your players and don’t worry about attributes of your players as these attributes can be upgraded by training your players.

This game comes in handy when you’re a beginner and you can use these tips and tricks to get you started with the game. So let’s get started –

How to set up your team in PES 18?

Before you get started with building up a team, you’ve to know your players wisely and then you can easily build up your team with a general start. There are a number of things that you have to keep in mind while building up your own team. Then you’ve to decide in which mode you want yourself to be played. This is important because Master league mode is not something that you’ve to play for weeks, even months and even it can take more time. So that’s why the developers of this game have given a chance to choose from two types of modes and that is classic and challenge mode in the master league.

When you’re acting like a manager in a football game then it is so hard to sign up new players and negotiate with them on money and play basis. Your handling on this can make your team performance poorer and you’ve to curse yourself for doing so.  The performance decrement can lead to player’s low happiness and it can make your old players leaving for new clubs and teams.

Now when it comes again to modes of playing the game then the Classic mode is somewhat great where you can play much easier then challenge mode but after that, you’ve completed a year or so playing in this particular model. Then there is no other problem you’ll face and without challenges by getting PES 2018 hack, it wouldn’t feel much like a game.

Now it comes to the most important decision i.e. to choose a squad. While choosing squad you can either manually make your own squad or you can simply click on randomize or choose a pre-made squad. You can also choose a star line up if you want to win mostly but choose a high-level line up will not be much help.

Bottom Line

This game is a great surprise for all football lovers out there and it feels great when you can play this game on your device. In order to master this game you may come across some hassles, this guide can help you overcome these problems.