3 Suitable Ways To Get More Currency In South Park Phone Destroyer

Youths are passionate about mobile games, and in recent time, one of the top viral games is the South Park Phone Destroyer. It is all about RPG based missions, and you will get achievements by completing some missions. In which you will get numbers of heroes, and they all are well skilled for upcoming challenges. The game is for android and IOS device, and you can also play it on the tablet. Coins, helix, and DNA fragments are impressive currencies in it. They all are for customizing and upgrading various things.

The high amount of it is best for unlocking many locked items, and we can also expand our playing by adding it. Most of the players are going with some smart tools like South Park Phone Destroyer Mod, and it is a safe way for currency.  Here we are sharing handy ways of collecting a high amount of currency.

Participate In Events

Lots of live events are placed in the game, and we can join them for many benefits. In which the players have to smash some small quiz for leveling up. The helix credits and coins are getting by such events, and you have to complete events in limited time.

Daily Challenges

In the game, daily challenges are fine for currency collections, and the free currency is most concerning aspects.  For that, you have to login daily on the game and spend some time on different tasks.

By Watching Ads

We should watch some promotional ads along with play. The players have to see the ads till the end and get the link to redeem the high amount of currency.