Episode Choose Your Story An Overview

episode choose your story hack Story- An overview

Episode- choose your story is an fermium game. The game is basically based on the assisting the storyline by selecting one option from given two options. Initially, in the starting of the game, it offers a variety of stories such as Mean girls and pretty little liars. The gamers have to choose one of them in order to commence the game. For instance if user choose Mean girls as hisher first story, then story begin with the senior year of girls. On the other side, if gamer wants to quit the story and having desire to read another one, then click the door option on the top left side in order to walk from the story and leads you to the story section, where player can choose the story accordingly.

Furthermore, the creator has also set the stories according the views as well as likes. In the present time, the most viewed stories in the game is Mean girl, pretty little and troublemaker. Mostly in the episode choose your story game involves romance, and love-affection things. However, there are lots of stories also available in the game for instance Crush on Mr. Bad boys, marriage by law, betting on the boy and lastly, kill my love. All these stories are mainly having sexual behavior, romance sorts of content in order to attract more gamers towards the game.

Information About The Stories

Mean Girls Senior Year The story is basically on Regina George who transferred in North shore high and in this, gamers will enjoy the taste the life of mean girl.
Pretty Little Liars Four girls fell in love with the same guy, but they don’t even who he is. Mysterious guy playing with these and on the other side, all fours girls are hiding their own love story from each other.
Troublemaker Winnie is the main focus of the game, who blackmails a guy in order to entertain and overcome the loneliness.
Betting On The Boy Winner takes the all, a gambling-themed story, which offers users to bet on read more a mysterious boy and having total of 15 episodes that gamers can enjoy in their spare time.
Bad Boy’s Girl This story is little bit similar to the vampire diaries, in which a girl named Tessa, who loved a guy for years. Along with this, turning part of the game is when, her lover bother come into her life and then everything changes. This is the wonderful story of the game and having total of 30 episodes.

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